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SAW Alive to become Halloween Fright Nights-only attraction at Thorpe Park

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Thorpe Park has confirmed that its SAW Alive Horror Maze attraction has ceased year-round operations, and will instead open only during the park's Fright Nights Halloween events.

The SAW Alive Horror Maze has been closed during the early part of the 2012 season, sparking speculation that it would remain so indefinitely. Thorpe Park has now confirmed in a statement to fans that the attraction will operate only during the Fright Nights events, which take place during October.

SAW Alive was first installed at the start of the 2010 season, and is situated close to the SAW - The Ride roller coaster. It sees groups of up 10 guests walking through a series of "traps" in an attempt to escape from the evil genius Jigsaw, as seen in the Saw horror movie franchise.

The maze will now feature only in the Fright Nights line-up, along with a range of temporary mazes. Thorpe Park made no changes to SAW Alive for the Fright Nights 2011 events, but has promised to work on the attraction to ensure that it lives up to its billing as "the world’s most extreme live action horror maze".

You can read Theme Park Tourist's thoughts on the now-seasonal attraction in our full SAW Alive Horror Maze review.

There are 4 comments.

oh the joys so that's another ride shut till October and the ticket price just keeps going up and up. They did this at Alton Towers this year and 2 weeks before the park opened changed there mind after a massive back lash. Merlin are ment to be 2nd to disney yet the way they do thngs is very poor - yes money is tight but taking the line up away would stop people cumming to the park. Want to be first bigger than disney merlin get a grip fast.

Thats a really big shame because I liked going on SAW The Ride, the finishing it off with SAW Alive, it really adds to the park, and Alton Towers have outdone Thorpe,at being named best park in the UK, but although Alton is much better, if they kept this, along with The SWARM, maybe they might have pulled it through for 2012, but obviously not. No other park in the UK has an all year round horror maze, so you know, keep it running! Alton's scarefest is better than Thorpes fright night anyway.

This is really bad they closed it i was looking forward to it.

come on thorpe park use your heads we need saw alive its great.

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