LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel room

In this week's poll, we ask if you think it is worth paying extra to stay at an on-site theme park hotel, or if you are satisfied staying a few miles down the road to save some cash.

This week has seen the opening of the long-awaited LEGOLAND Windsor Hotel, which features 150 LEGO-themed rooms based on pirates, adventurers and kingdoms. The aim is to totally immerse visitors in inspirational theming and to keep them fully entertained throughout their stay at the park.

Disney are surely the masters of creating stunningly-themed hotels that entice guests to stay close to the company's theme parks. The Animal Kingdom Lodge located at the Walt Disney World resort in my eyes is the best theme park hotel in the world (although I may be slightly biased, given that I spent my honeymoon there!).

With an ever-increasing number of top parks boasting on-site hotels, theme park operators appear to view them as a winning proposition. Are you somebody who can't resist "staying in the magic", or would you rather stay off-site?

On site hotels can't be beaten!

It is inevitable that on-site hotels are never going to be the cheap option, but they can offer a range of perks to try to intice guests in. Numerous parks offer "early ride time" for hotel guests. This could be anything from 30 mins to two hours, during which queues for major rides are much shorter than during the rest of the day.

Another obvious advantage in that you are submerged in the ambience of the theme park for your whole stay which can add that extra bit of magic to make your trip truly unforgettable, especially if you are visiting for a special occasion.

Why pay more?

Many people may think that staying on-site is a rip-off, particularly when numerous reasonably priced hotels and B&Bs can usually be found nearby. You often pay a premium to stay on-site, and this may not be an option for many people who are trying to keep the cost of a trip as low as possible.

Gaining early ride time may not be a particularly valuable perk if you get organised and arrive at least 45 minutes before the park opens so you can take advantage of being one of the first regular visitors in the park.

Vote now!

So, are you somebody who is always tempted to spend that extra bit and stay on-site for the convenience and perks that this offers, or are you prepared to hunt out good accommodation locally and save some money? Let us know by voting in our poll below.

Is it worth paying extra to stay at on-site theme park hotels?

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