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Nemesis Sub-Terra ride experience revealed ahead of opening day at Alton Towers

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A new report has revealed details of the closely-guarded ride experience on Nemesis Sub-Terra, the new attraction at Alton Towers for the 2012 season.

The park has succeeded in keeping the precise nature of Nemesis Sub-Terra a mystery, despite intense speculation from fans. However, the report in the New Zealand Herald confirms many long-standing rumours, ahead of the ride's opening day March 24, 2012.

The report centres around an experiment to detect stress-levels of riders on the new attraction, which has been certified as a "12A" by the British Board of Film Classification. It includes full details of the Nemesis Sub-Terra experience, which is themed around the alien that lends the nearby Nemesis roller coaster its name.

SPOILER WARNING: If you do not wish to learn more about the Nemesis Sub-Terra ride system, please do not read the remainder of this article.

As widely reported, Nemesis Sub-Terra is based around a miniature drop tower similar to Extremis at The London Dungeon. However, Alton Towers has added a number of other elements around the ride in order to expand the storyline. This is based around a descent into the lair of the Nemesis alien itself, and is billed as "your worst nightmare underground".

The ride is housed a large steel shed, designed to resemble a military structure. Staff are dressed as members of the a force that has been designated to guard the area, dubbed The Phalanx. After navigating the queue, guests are asked to stand on a black dot. They then enter a mock "lift", which vibrates as if it was descending hundreds of feet underground.

After passing through a chamber that holds one of the alien's eggs, guests are strapped into the drop tower itself. After being hit by a burst of air, they are dropped down several metres. A special effect embedded into the seats is then to used to create the sensation of being "jabbed" by the alien's tentacles. Finally, staff burst in and frantically shout at guests to "escape".

Alton Towers has a recent history of promoting its rides as "horror" experiences, with a similar promotional campaign having been launched for 2010's Thirteen roller coaster. In the end, the ride was actually pitched at families, although it seems that Nemesis Sub-Terra will be a more intense experience.

Theme Park Tourist will post a full review of Nemesis Sub-Terra following its opening day.

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There are 8 comments.

Ive been sat watching comments come in all day live and its not good........
I havent seen one possitive comment not one and im not kidding infact id go as far as to say the comments where all identical" .... that subterra is to quote a few.....A JOKE", ....YOU CANNOT TELL PEOPLE YOU ARE CREATING A RIDE THAT IS SCARY..FOR PEOPLE TO PAY HARD EARNED MONEY OUT TO EXPERIENCE IT AND IT BE WELL NOT". In a world where news can spread in a matter of seconds , you need to be honest and hit the nail bang on the head with the product you are selling ...otherwise YOUR DONE!! , the proof is in the pudding after reading all comments posted today i know where my money will be spent....THORPE PARK atleast there the ride they have been advdrtising THE SWARM, it looks like its been promoted something from a horror movie..and unlike n.s.t it actully does" look like something out of a know like n.s.t has been bragging ...n.s.t was exactly what i thought it would be ..cheep and hyped and you dont even see the creature (so it is a cheepo version of disneys alien encounter like we said,, where you did see a 15 ft alien for a few seconds ) if i wanted to sit in a dark room and get poked with a plastic tube id turn my bedroom light off and get my girlfreind to poke me with a coat hanger while making a dinosaur roar .....sorry alton people want to see something terrifing when you promise something well terrifing....oh and while im saying my peice JACK OSBORNE AND IMOGEN THOMAS....i thought the barrel had been cleaned out at alex reid.

its a pile of rubbish one of the worst things the themepark have ever produced to be onest its a real big let down no wear near as scary or thrilling as thirteen or nemisis not worth the 40 min wait everyone came of really disapointed. alton towers i expected better!

went on it today. BIGGEST LET DOWN OF THE DECADE and we are only in the second year of this decade lol

Biggest waste of time. Do not waste a single minute on this ride. You have been warned!

sounds like the Alien Encounter thing that used to be at the Disney magic kingdom and that closed in 2003!

i have been waiting since the last time i went to alton towers after seeing the area been worked on, looked at it online and they said it was going to be better then the first nemesis ride and also i heard it was going to be a big drop.
when i went on the ride today i was so disapointed that i had payed the money to go on the ride it felt like i was on a kiddy ride that a 5 year old would go on people if you want a thrill dont try get it from nemesis sub terra you will be very disapointed.
if you go to alton towers go for hex,rita,oblivion,13 and nemesis rollercoster miss out sub terra its a wast of time for how long it takes to get on ride.

If my subject line is bad - the ride is worse...

Went on N.S.T today...boring boring boring, over hyped pile of S!*!. The only good thing about it was no queue time as got there real early. If I'd have had to wait I would have been angry instead of just disappointed. Alton seriously need a decent ride. There hasn't been one since Oblivion...and before that Nemesis. 13 was alright...but come on...Let's just hope SW7 next year restores AT to it's former glory!

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