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Ghost Town in the Sky to become Christian theme park?

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The new owner of Ghost Town in the Sky is planning to convert at least part of shuttered theme park into a Christian-themed attraction, according to a new report.

The Smoky Mountain News quotes Alaska Presley as saying that the top level of the park, which currently hosts a mock Native American village, will be completely overhauled. A large concert hall would replace the existing one, and would host religious events, while a statue of Jesus would sit atop of the mountain that hosts Ghost Town in the Sky.

The Christian attraction appears to be a long-term aspiration, however, with Presley reportedly focusing on restoring the park's Wild West-themed areas and major attractions in the near-term. Ghost Town in the Sky's potential saviour has previously stated her aim to reopen at least part of the park later in 2012.

Presley, who was involved in the original opening the park in 1960, is the second new owner to rescue Ghost Town in the Sky from bankruptcy in less than a decade. The park was last rescued in 2006, some 4 years after a previous bankruptcy forced its closure. However, the park plunged back into bankruptcy in November 2009, just two years after reopening.

Further details of Presley's plans for Ghost Town in the Sky can be found in the Smoky Mountain News report.

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The Zip-line is wonderful,I look forward to seeing the newer part to come w/the Peter Pan landing. I love the idea of a Christian theme on the top level. I know that will be a big hit in Maggie Valley as well as the surrounding Tri-State area. The Gun fighters always were a big hit w/children and grownups as well. Apachie Kid and the gun fighters are profesionals who know how to show everyone a good time. To Alaska, I want to say Thank You Ma'am,and May God give you strenth for this monumental task.

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