Hex at Alton Towers

Dark rides at US theme parks often steal a lot of attention due to their sheer scale and imaginative flair. The likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey often appear on "top 10" lists - but does the UK have anything to match them? That's the subject for this week's Big Debate.

People's opinions often vary, so a fantastic ride for one visitor might be an awful ride for another. This is your chance to let us know which dark ride in the UK you think is the best.

The contenders

We've already outlined our own view of the top 5 dark rides in the UK. The attractions that made the cut were:

  1. Over the Hill at Adventure Island - 'The Undertaker' takes guests on a train tour of a spooky cemetery. The only problem is that many people who have boarded the train have failed to reappear...
  2. Tomb Blaster at Chessington World of Adventures - How do you fancy being sent into a tomb with a laser gun to rid it of its evil curse? The massive snake and revolving tunnels certainly keep you on your toes!
  3. Hex at Alton Towers - you are taken deep into a secret vault where numerous experiments are carried out to try and expel an evil curse. Few dark rides feature a more atmospheric setting - Hex is housed inside the gothic mansion that lends Alton Towers its name.
  4. The London Dungeon - you are guided around historic London and there are certainly lots of frights and surprises to keep you interested. The tour includes Traitor: The Boat Ride to Hell, Vengence (a 5D shooting ride) and a drop tower imitating an actual hanging. It is a surprisingly family-friendly attraction but not for the faint hearted!
  5. Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - this water ride tells the tale of the Viking afterlife and is heavily themed to create an amazing experience from start to finish. It includes numerous special effects including fireballs, strong winds and snow, and features two steep drops. Anyone who has braved Valhalla will know there's no way of escaping without getting soaked from head to toe!

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Which is the best dark ride at a UK theme park?

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Whilst I completely agree Valhalla is an incredible ride & I'm happy beyond belief to hear its being refurbished, lets us not forget some of the classics like the Pleasure Beach's very own River Caves or their Mine Ride. This was a childhood favourite of mine & I'm sad to see it go. I always liked the bit where you entered the restaurant and were suspended over the rivercaves! Don't forget either that the Pleasure Beach's Ghost train dark ride is the attraction that stemed the use of the name Ghost train for all future attractions of the genre & still a great classic!

Special mention also for Hex which is also a fabulously themed attraction and in a perfect setting. You can even go out into the local woods and find the real 'chained Oak', it really does exist!!

if i had to vote for one i wood vote for Hex but i think thay have mist som other cool dark rides like The Haunting at draton manor wich includs the spining room efect like hex but at the same time is a horor ride and thers always teror of the towers at alton towers wich is truley terefing if i made a top 5 dark rides it wood go

5.Tomd Blaster


3.Teror of the Towers

2.The Haunting


I would also add that Hex is probably the nest dark ride in the UK. Great location for the ride inside the con finds of the towers, this ride is a breathe of fresh air against the usual, and overly constructed, quick thrill ride in the UK. Cracking soundtrack, very good story, exciting, family friendly twist at the end.

You are spot on about the lack of exciting 'dark ride' attractions in the UK. Being constantly cold and wet I would have assumed that there would have been more around?

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