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Images: Leviathan roller coaster's first drop completed at Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan drop

The enormous first drop of the Leviathan roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland is now complete, as construction work continues ahead of the ride's spring 2012 debut.

The official images embedded below show the progress on the installation of Leviathan's circuit, with over half of the track pieces now in place. This includes the 306-feet-tall lift hill, along with the 80-degree first drop and an overbanked turn that will provide riders with a sense of weightlessness. Work to install Leviathan's station building is also underway.

Leviathan construction 1

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 2

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 3

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 4

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 5

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 6

Image © Canada's Wonderland

With a scheduled opening in May 2012, Leviathan will change the landscape of Canada's Wonderland when it is completed and guests will see the ride rising over their heads as they enter the park. Leviathan will be the sixteenth rollercoaster at the park, placing it third in the "most coasters at a theme park" charts behind Six Flags Magic Mountain and sister park Cedar Point.

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