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The Big Debate: Would you pay to visit an abandoned amusement park?

Six Flags New Orleans abandoned ride

In this week's poll, we ask whether you'd be willing to pay to explore an abandoned amusement park.

Everybody loves abandoned theme parks. It must be one of those morbid fasinations inside us all that we just can't get enough of. However, I always find it really depressing to see a place which was formerly bustling with people having fun and enjoying themselves left desolate and abandoned, with once-loved rides and attractions gradually rusting into oblivion.

Plans were unveiled this week for the revival of the shuttered Six Flags New Orleans, with the site set to be restored as either as a "green" theme park or a 400,000 square feet outlet mall. Personally, I would like put forward a new and unorthodox proposal to New Orleans authories: what if the site was simply left as it is? Would people pay to visit a creepy abandoned theme park?

A big "yes"?

OK, so the idea is probably financially infeasible. But how cool would it be to actually wander around a real abandoned theme park? You could see the decaying rides, check out behind-the-scenes, and learn what time does to the formerly bright, colorful attractions. It would be like being in a Secret Seven or Three Investigators novel!

Disney's River Country water park shut in 2001 after approximately 25 years and pictures of its decay were viewed eagerly when posted online. There is obviously curiosity and interest in abandoned theme parks. Would you want to visit one?

No way?

For many, a permanently abandoned amusement park may seem like something of a waste. For hardened thrill-seekers, wandering around abandoned rides with no hope of actually experiencing them may seem boring and pointless.

Some of you may be in two minds - there might be a nagging voice inside of you saying that it could be a really interesting day out, but would it be something that you would revisit like a normal theme park?

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Would you pay to visit an abandoned amusement park?

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There are 2 comments.

I would LOVE to explore an abandoned amusement park!!!

I host the Abandoned Amusement Parks fan page on Facebook. I think there would be a lot of interest from those who used to attend the parks when they were open. However, I think photographers would jump at the chance. I post a lot of links from urban explorers who produce incredible photos of these places. They are hauntingly beautiful and often creepy. I'd pay!

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