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Paultons Park teases new dinosaur-themed ride for 2012

Paultons Park teaser image

Paultons Park has launched a teaser site for its new attraction for 2012, although the precise nature of the planned addition remains a mystery.

CoasterForce reports that the park has been posting cryptic messages about the new ride for some weeks on its official Facebook page. It has now launched a teaser site at, which currently simply features a banner stating "there's no smoke without fire".

The attraction is set to be located close to the EDGE Disk 'O ride and the Cobra roller coaster, with the park claiming that "unusual rumbling noises and rising ground temperatures" have been felt on grass close to the two thrill rides. The image on the teaser site suggests that the new ride will feature a dinosaur theme, and will be based around a "volcano".

Paultons Park has seen a major boost in attendance in 2011 due to the opening of Peppa Pig World. It is unlikely to open a new attraction in 2012 aimed at the same young age group, with a thrill ride aimed at older visitors more likely to be on the cards.

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