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Images: Leviathan rollercoaster construction continues at Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction

Work to construct the new Leviathan rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland is continuing at a rapid pace, with large sections of the ride's track now in place.

New photos of the coaster have been posted to the Canada's Wonderland Facebook page, and are embedded below. They show the progress that has been made on installing Bolliger & Mabillard's first Giga Coaster, and particularly on its enormous lift hill. The work is due to be completed in time for the ride to open in May 2012.

Two weeks ago, standing at 120 feet, Leviathans longest and heaviest track piece was installed. Unlike many other roller coasters, Leviathan’s 80-degree drop will be constructed from the ground up. This is because the top of the 306-foot lift will have no supports holding it in place.

The drop will meet at the top of the lift hill with the “crown” piece being put into place connecting the lift to the first drop. Because of the unique design of the lift hill, in order to install some of the highest sections of track, 4 cranes will be needed to install them safely. Finally, half of the final (and largest) support for Leviathan's lift hill went up last week with the other half reported to have gone up on October 31.

Construction is not currently focused entirely on the lift hill, with a maintenance bay having been largely installed at the ride's station. At the front of the park, the wooded area in front of the entrance has received a big makeover. A number of trees have been removed to allow the footers to be constructed. Around this area and several other sections of the coaster, many more footers have been completed ready to also "go vertical" in the near future.

Canada’s Wonderland has also updated the Leviathan blog on the coaster's official website. In the blog, the park reported that there are only 17 more footers needed to be dug and that all footer work should begin to wrap-up within the next few weeks. Electrical work has been making its way to the area where the 2 trim brakes will be located on the coaster and has been installed on the lift and brake track pieces that have so far been installed.

Leviathan construction 1

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 1

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 1

Image © Canada's Wonderland

Leviathan construction 1
Image © Canada's Wonderland

Some key facts relating to the construction of Leviathan are:

  • So far, Canada’s Wonderland has poured about 2045 cubic meters of concrete and has used about 206,000 kgs of reinforced steel in order to make the coaster foundations strong.
  • As of October 29, 2011, the park has received 81 truckloads of track sections, columns, stairs, catwalks, handrails and other items for Leviathan.
  • The total weight for the 81 deliveries is 1,262,225kg of steel. That amount equals about 8 times the total amount of steel used to construct WindSeeker in 2011.

With a scheduled opening in May 2012, Leviathan will change the landscape of Canada's Wonderland when it is complete and guests will see the ride rising over their heads as they enter the park. Leviathan will the 16th rollercoaster at the park, placing it third in the "most coasters at a theme park" charts behind Six Flags Magic Mountain and sister park Cedar Point.

Thanks to Dom497 for this update.

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