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Alton Towers begins selling on-ride DVDs of Air rollercoaster

Air rollercoaster at Alton Towers

Alton Towers has begun selling on-ride DVDs of the Air rollercoaster, enabling guests to buy a personalised souvenir of their experience on the ride.

Towers Times reports that the Air on-ride DVDs are priced at £12, or £15 with an inclusive on-ride photo. New cameras have been installed around the coaster's circuit in order to catch guests at various different angles along the route.

In May, Alton Towers ended sales of its Resort DVD product, which offered guests the chance to buy footage of themselves experiencing the park's major attractions. This mixed stock footage with custom video of guests on-board the park's rides.

Alton Towers Resort DVD was the second product of its type to be offered by Alton Towers, and had itself replaced the previous YourDay system. However, it did not prove to be as popular as on-ride photographs, which are sold at the exits to many of the park's attractions.

No announcements have been made by Alton Towers regarding the latest on-ride DVD system being rolled out to further attractions.

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