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Video: Black Diamond rollercoaster opens at Knoebels

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Knoebels has opened its new hybrid rollercoaster-dark ride, Black Diamond, with several videos of the attraction having been posted online.

Relocated from Morey's Piers, where it was known as the Golden Nugget Mine Ride, Black Diamond is a steel coaster that was originally constructed in July 1960. At Knoebels, it has been placed on the former site of the park's Bald Eagle habitat, and is themed around a coal mine. It has debuted in time to form part of the park's Hallo-Fun Nights Halloween events.

The video embedded below, shot before the ride opened, shows the coaster's track layout exposed in daylight:

Originally designed and built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Black Diamond spans three floors. Morey's Piers announced in December 2008 that it would demolish the ride, with Knoebels later stepping in to purchase the ride's trains and track.

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There are 2 comments.

The sign at the entrance banning flash photography and video recording apparently doesn't apply to you. Fortunately, the video is crap.

It wasn't our video, but I've gone ahead and removed it in accordance with our policy of not promoting unsanctioned on-ride videos. We should have picked this up in the first place, so thanks for pointing it out.

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