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Astro Orbiter reopens at Disney's Magic Kingdom following fire

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The Astro Orbiter ride at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom reopened on Monday, October 10, one day after a small fire forced its temporary closure.

The fire was described as "minor" by Reedy Creek emergency services, who attended the incident on October 9. It was caused by a light in one of the decorative rings at the top of the ride melting. Astro Orbiter was closed for the remainder of the day to undergo inspection, but has now returned to action.

No guests or staff were injured in the incident, which attracted coverage from major news outlets. However, the fire did briefly cause the closure of all attractions in the Tomorrowland area of the Magic Kingdom, due to the smoke emitted by the melting light. The land returned to normal operations soon afterwards.

Astro Orbiter is is a family-friendly ride that acts as a visual centerpiece in the Tomorrowland area. It sees 12 rocket-themed vehicles attached to a central tower by 20-feet-long arms. Riders are able to control the height of their rockets using a lever as the tower rotates.

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