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Cockroach-eating contest returns for Fright Fest 2011 at Six Flags Great America

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Six Flags Great America has confirmed that it will be serving an unusual delicacy at its Fright Nights 2011 events, with cockroaches firmly on the menu.

TribLocal reports that the park will host a cockroach-eating contest on October 7 and 8, featuring live Madagascar hissing cockroaches. The park claims that the event has been brought back "by popular demand".

Twelve contestants per night will take part in the contest, and will be given five minutes to devour five cockroaches. The guest that eats the most of the creatures in the shortest time will win a 2012 season pass, with the other participants all receiving line-jumping privileges for a ride of their choice.

Fright Fest 2011 kicked off on October 1, and will run on weekends throughout October. This year's event features a total of three haunted houses, five scare zones, eight shows and two hundred roaming monsters. Included in the line-up is an all-new haunted house, Massacre Medical Center, which is based around a 10,000 square foot abandoned hospital.

Six Flags Great America's entertainment manager, Kris Jones, claims that the park is pushing the envelope with its new haunted house: "Massacre Medical Center is by far our scariest haunted house yet. It’s as if you are in a real-life abandoned hospital. No detail is overlooked from the hospital kitchen and hallway elevators to the operating room. The equipment is real, the actors are real and the scare factor is off the charts."

The park is using the event to push its 2012 Season Passes, which are now on sale. Guests that purchase one will be able to gain free entry to this year's Fright Fest celebrations.

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