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Confirmed: New train to feature on Goliath rollercoaster at Six Flags New England

Déjà Vu rollercoaster

Six Flags New England has confirmed that the Goliath rollercoaster will feature an all-new train when it opens at the park in spring 2012.

Goliath is to be relocated to the park from Six Flags Magic Mountain, where it is known as Déjà Vu. Six Flags New England's preview video for the coaster, embedded below, features an image that hinted at a new seating layout on its train. The park has now confirmed via its Facebook page that Premier Rides is currently building a new train, which will feature 4-abreast seating.

The new train design will allow Six Flags New England to increase the capacity of Goliath. The ride is a Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang rollercoaster, which sees riders being riders pulled backwards up a lift hill, plunging through several inversions following the first drop, and then repeating the course in reverse. This means that only a single train can operate at a time, unlike on many other coasters that feature multiple trains.

Six Flags New England's new addition is larger than previous Boomerang designs and features a staggered seating arrangement on its trains. Goliath's circuit includes a 102-feet-tall vertical loop, followed by a 110-feet-tall butterfly turn.

The removal of Déjà Vu means that Magic Mountain will once again share the title of "rollercoaster capital of the world" with Cedar Point, with both parks having 17 coasters in their line-up.

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