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Two new rides arrive at Pleasurewood Hills ahead of 2012 season

Pleasurewood Hills entrance

Pleasurewood Hills has revealed that two new rides have arrived on-site at the park, ahead of planned debuts during the 2012 season.

One of the new rides is almost certainly the planned new drop tower ride, with Pleasurewood Hills having received permission to install the attraction from local authorities. The nature of the other ride remains a mystery, although the park's owners have previously claimed that they will install two "mega-rides" during the next few years.

At 196-feet-tall, the drop tower will become the tallest ride at Pleasurewood Hills. It will see riders carried up a central column in a circular vehicle that can hold up to 24 riders. They will then plummet 55 metres (180 feet) towards the ground below, being stopped at the bottom by a combination of permanent magnetic brakes and deceleration ramps.

Tivoli World Gravity Tower
Pleasurewood Hills' new addition will be similar to Tivoli World's Gravity Tower.
Image © Tivoli World

The drop tower has been relocated to Pleasurewood Hills from its former at Karolinelund in Denmark, and is expected to open in spring 2012.

Meanwhile, the park has confirmed that its new Laser Labyrinth attraction will be open in time for the start of its Halloween events on October 22, 2011. The indoor maze is set to feature a range of smoke effects designed to add to the atmosphere, with guests battling each other using laser guns.

Laser LabyrinthLaser LabyrinthWoody Bear tests out the new attraction. Image © Pleasurewood Hills

You can find out more about Pleasurewood Hills' plans by reading Theme Park Tourist's recent in-depth analysis of the drop tower plans.

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