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Qendix aims to revolutionize theme park visits through mobile apps

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An Israeli start-up company is aiming to revolutionize theme park visits through a new mobile technology designed to dramatically cut time spent in queues.

Qendix unveiled its solution at the European Attractions Show 2011 in London, and claims that its patented technology can reduce wait times significantly. It hopes that theme parks will adopt its optimisation techniques in the mobile apps which most are now offering as an alternative to printed maps.

The solution works by asking guests to select their preferred attractions in a theme park. It then applies an algorithm to these selections and offers real-time recommendations on which rides and shows to experience next, taking into account the user's location and current wait times. The video below shows off the concept:

The company faces challenges in securing support from major theme parks for its solution. While many parks offered free "virtual queue" systems during the early 2000s, the majority have since replaced these with money-spinning paid-for queue jumping schemes.

However, Qendix claims that its solution offers an advantage over these in that it avoids the friction caused by some guests using a "priority" queue ahead of others. Instead, all guests join the same queue - the app is only designed to help guests use their time more efficiently. In addition, it does not require any operational changes by the park, although with many having invested in technology from rivals such as Lo-Q this may be of limited benefit.

Qendix plans to launch a range of other tools for attractions operators, all based on mathematical optimisation techniques. Details of these are expected to be revealed in the near future.

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If they do have a technological solution to shorten wait without paying the entrance fee all over again for fastpass type services - then it's really great. Is it already working somewhere?

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