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Kennywood confirms that new ride will replace Pitt Fall in 2012

Kennywood entrance

Kennywood has confirmed that it will replace the Pitt Fall drop tower ride with a new attraction in 2012, after it was sold on to a new owner.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Pitt Fall has now closed following the end of Kennywood's 2011 summer season. The park had previously listed the ride for sale, although at the time it described the action as purely "exploratory".

The nature of Pitt Fall's replacement has yet to be confirmed, although it is expected to be another flat ride. The latest rumors point to a large swing ride, similar to an S&S Screamin' Swing or a Huss Giant Frisbee.

An Intamin Giant Drop Tower, Pitt Fall was the tallest ride of its kind in the world when it first opened in 1997, standing at some 251-feet-tall. It sees riders carried to the top of the tower, before free-falling at 65mph back down to the bottom.

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