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Video: Canada's Wonderland to open Leviathan rollercoaster in 2012

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Canada's Wonderland has confirmed that it will open a new rollercoaster, Leviathan, in 2012, with the ride set to stand at some 306-feet-tall.

Leviathan will be manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, becoming the Swiss company's first coaster to break the 300 feet barrier. It will become the tallest ride at Canada's Wonderland, and will reach a top speed of 92 miles per hour during its 80 degree first drop.

Due to open in May 2012, Leviathan will feature a lengthy circuit of 5,486 feet. This will feature a series of camelback hills with heights of up to 180 feet, as well as an overbanked hammerhead turn that will tilt at 115 degrees as it passes over the park's front gate.

Canada's Wonderland has released three videos showing off the design of its latest addition, all of which are embedded below. The first provides an overview of Leviathan, while the second and third show on-ride and off-ride views of the ride's circuit respectively.

Leviathan will be Canada's Wonderland's 16th rollercoaster, placing it third in the "most coasters at a theme park" charts behind Six Flags Magic Mountain and sister park Cedar Point.

Describing the new ride, Canada's Wonderland's Vice President and General Manager Raffi Kaprelyan said: "Leviathan will be our 16th coaster and now positions Canada's Wonderland as one of the top three coaster destinations in the world. We will go higher, longer, and faster than ever before when we launch Leviathan in 2012. With the addition of this new coaster and our diverse collection of rides, shows and attractions, we continue to show why Canada's Wonderland is the destination of choice for those seeking world class thrills and family entertainment".

Further details of the new coaster will be posted to the official Leviathan website over the coming months.

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