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Video: Hersheypark confirms plans to open SkyRush rollercoaster for 2012 season

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Hersheypark has confirmed plans to open a new rollercoaster, SkyRush, in 2012, with the Intamin Mega Coaster set to stand at some 200-feet-tall.

The official announcement of the $25 million new addition ended months of speculation, with Hersheypark's teaser campaign having begun in 2010. SkyRush will be situated in the former Sunken Gardens area of the park, and will begin with a 50-degree lift hill followed by an 85-degree, 75 miles per hour drop.

The park has released an official preview video of its 12th rollercoaster, which includes a rundown of its other coasters. Towards the end of the video, a full computer rendering of SkyRush is included, which shows that the ride will feature floorless seats and a 270-degree viewing angle:

Hersheypark has already begun construction work on Skyrush, which will be the first new rollercoaster to open at the park since Fahrenheit in 2008.

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There are 2 comments.

Love it! This is exactly what Hershey Park has been missing. A smooth and fast mega or giga coaster. I'm not sure on the design though. I hope it's not as annoying as Intimidator 305 is. It appears that the park has devoted more space to this coaster so it should be ok.

Where are the sunken gardens? I'm not familiar with that area of the park. I would imagine it's probably the golf course behind the Giant Center. I would love to see the park expand and take over that area.

I'm now opposed to SkyRush. The track is the same as Intimidator 305. Are they seriously going to build another high-speed roller coaster with too tight turns crammed into a small area? I know where the sunken gardens are now and this is the wrong place to put this roller coaster. I also don't like how they're just building this thing on top of Comet. That area is much more appropriate for a Canyon River Rapids replacement.

Do NOT want!

The teaser video shows a smooth coaster with gradual transitions and high speeds. The reality is the actual location where they're building this is too tight for those speeds. It's going to turn into another Intimidator 305 waste of money and lost opportunity for the park. This is very bad. That ride doesn't maintain a line for a reason!

Hershey Park really should get rid of the over-tight turns and send the coaster out to tram circle. Do like Cedar Point did with Magnum XL-200 and send the coaster out away from the heart of the park to deliver eye-candy and excitement to those entering the park or wandering around at Chocolate World.

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