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SkyScreamer rides closed at Six Flags St Louis and Discovery Kingdom due to technical fault

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The new SkyScreamer attractions at Six Flags St Louis and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom have been closed temporarily due to a technical fault.

Screamscape reports that a malfunction on Six Flags St Louis' version of the spinning tower ride led to its closure last week, with Discovery Kingdom's version also being removed from operations as a precaution. Engineers from Funtime, the rides' manufacturer, are claimed to be on site at Six Flags St Louis to inspect possible damage to the top and bottom of the ride.

SkyScreamer is a vertigo-inducing variation on the classic "Chair-O-Plane" attraction, and sees riders swinging in a 98-foot circle around a central tower. Reaching a top of speed of over 43 miles per hour, they are able to take in panoramic views of the parks and their surroundings. Guests are seated in 2-seater swings, each of which provides a "front row seat". Sitting at the top of the ride is a globe that can be seen from several miles away.

A video of SkyScreamer in action at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is embedded below:

The temporary closure of the rides is a blow to Six Flags St Louis and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, leaving both parks without their headline new attractions at the height of the summer season. No word has been given on when the SkyScreamer rides could return to action.

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