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Walt Disney World restricts use of refillable drinks mugs using RFID tags

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Walt Disney World is testing a new system that would enable it restrict the use of refillable mugs at the resort, by adding a virtual "expiration date".

According to Micechat, the system is being tested in the End Zone Food Court at Disney's All-Star Sports Resort. It utilizes a combination of new drink dispensers and mugs equipped with RFID tags to limit the frequency with which guests can refill their drinks to 5 minutes. The mugs also stop working with the dispensers on a specified end date.

The system, which is yet to be rolled out more widely around the Walt Disney World resort, is designed to end the ability of guests to exploit the refill system using unauthorized mugs. It will also be used with disposable drinks cups bought for use during a single meal, which will expire after a limited time period.

No official announcements have been made regarding the future of the scheme, although it is likely that Walt Disney World is testing the system's cost-effectiveness and acceptability with customers before introducing elsewhere in the resort.

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