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SeaWorld San Diego allows free rides on Skytower and Bayside Skyride

SeaWorld San Diego Skytower

SeaWorld San Diego is now offering free rides on two of its former upcharge attractions, the Skytower and Bayside Skyride.

Both rides are now included with the regular price of admission to the park, having formerly been subject to an additional fee. The two attractions have both been place for several decades, and have long been used to generate additional revenue for SeaWorld San Diego.

The Sky Tower was constructed in 1969, and was towers some 320 feet above the park. Designed by Intamin, it spins slowly as guests rise to the top of the tower. A new capsule replaced the aging original in 2002.

The Bayside Skyride is a gondola ride that first opened in 1967, and travels along a stretch of wire over Mission Bay. The ride features the longest span between towers of any Von Roll Skyride ever built at 925 feet.

SeaWorld San Diego is gearing up for a major new addition in 2012, when it will open the Manta rollercoaster. The ride will utilise a launch system and will incorporate giant screens and water elements to evoke the sensation of gliding through the sea with manta rays.

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