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Video: Jimmy Fallon makes debut as host of Universal Studios Hollywood's Studio Tour

Universal Studios Hollywood tram image

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has made his debut as the new "virtual tour guide" on Universal Studios Hollywood's famous Studio Tour attraction.

Fallon introduces a series of high-definition video clips that are that are presented on monitors fitted to the Studio Tour's trams. This augments the live narration provided by the tour guides driving the trams, which travel around a series of sets and soundstages on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot.

Video footage of Fallon's debut can be seen below, courtesy of

The latest update to the Studio Tour comes after the park opened King Kong 360 3-D, the world's largest 3-D attraction, in Summer 2010. New high-definition monitors were also added to the fleet of trams in June 2009, along with a digital playback system that allows the tour guides to instantly select from several hundred video clips.

Universal Studios Hollywood suffered a huge blow in June 2008 when a fire devastated large areas of its famous backlot. Visitors suffered as well, as the park’s Studio Tour lost some of its most famous sights, including the New York Street set and the previous King Kong soundstage. The park reopened some of the lost sets (plus a few new ones) in June 2009, and announced the Kong soundstage to replace the original, which was built in 1986.

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