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Seven injured in accident on Cedar Point's WildCat rollercoaster

WildCat rollercoaster image

Seven people have suffered minor injuries after being involved in a collision on the WildCat rollercoaster at Cedar Point.

The Sandusky Register reports that riders were hurt when one of the coaster's cars ran into the back of another when re-entering the station area. WildCat has been closed since the incident on June 5, 2011, to enable an investigation into the accident to be carried out.

Cedar Point claims that the ride had been inspected in the morning prior to the accident and appeared to be in good working order. Three of the injured riders were taken to hospital, but all were released later in the evening. The remaining four affected passengers were treated in the park's first aid room.

Opened in 1970, WildCat is a steel Wild Mouse coaster designed by Anton Schwarzkopf. It sees guests boarding small cars that hold four passengers each, before racing around a series of hairpin turns and sudden drops. The ride's trains are designed to stop very suddenly at the end of the ride.

WildCat is likely to remain closed until Cedar Point receives clearance from the Ohio Department of Agriculture, which oversees safety of theme park rides, to reopen it.

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