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Video: Microsoft, Disney partner to release Kinect Disneyland Adventures for Xbox 360

Kinect Disneyland Adventures screenshot

Microsoft is to release a new game for its Xbox 360 console which allows players to explore a virtual recreation of Disneyland.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures will make use of the console's hugely popular motion-sensing Kinect peripheral, which recently became the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time. It will enable users to explore a life-like model of Disneyland, and will also include a variety of mini-games based on different attractions in the park.

Disney and Microsoft officially unveiled the new game at the E3 conference, achieving widespread media coverage. The presentation included an on-stage demo, showing off several of the mini games based on attractions such as Peter Pan's Flight and Alice in Wonderland. Each of the games revolves around players collecting coins, rather than recreating the attractions themselves.

The French-language video below features some of the first footage of Kinect Disneyland Adventures:

Microsoft is seeking to push the boundaries in usage of the Kinect beyond simple gaming to other experiences. Kinect Disneyland Adventures appears to be an example of this, with the "gameplay" being targeted towards a mainstream audience rather than hardcore gamers.

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