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Report: Mach Tower opening date delayed further at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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A new report claims that Busch Gardens Williamsburg could be forced to delay the opening date of its new Mach Tower ride even further, with technical problems mounting.

The unconfirmed report from suggests that the latest problem relates to the attraction's ride vehicle, which carries guests up a 246-feet-tall tower. The issue is said to be serious enough to require the complete replacement of the vehicle, pushing back Mach Tower's opening date to July 4, 2011 at the earliest.

Mach Tower, a 246-feet-tall drop tower ride, was originally scheduled to open by May 28, 2011. However, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has previously revealed that it is waiting for components to arrive from its Italian manufacturer Moser Rides before it can complete testing of the ride.

Unusually, the drop tower's vehicle is claimed to have been damaged by a malfunction in the magnetic brakes which slow it at the end of the ride. Moser Rides specialises in similar attractions, many of which use the same braking mechanism.

Mach Tower's seats will rotate as the guests ascend the tower, providing panoramic views of the entire park before they plummet at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour back down to the ground below. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has promised that riders will experience some "surprises" when they reach the top of the tower, although the nature of these has not yet been confirmed.

In development for the 2012 season at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a new rollercoaster to replace Big Bad Wolf (which closed in 2009). The ride is set to feature multiple launches and an "autobahn" theme.

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