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Alton Towers ends Resort DVD sales, opens Box Office on Towers Street

Alton Towers mansion

Alton Towers has ended sales of its Resort DVD product, which offered guests the chance to buy footage of themselves experiencing the park's major attractions.

Towers Times reports that the Alton Towers Resort DVD shop on Towers Street has been replaced by a new retail outlet known as the Resort Box Office. The new shop no longer sells the DVD product, which mixed stock footage with custom video of guests on-board the park's rides. Instead, it sells Fastrack queue-jumping tickets, Short Break bookings and Annual Passes.

Alton Towers Resort DVD was the second product of its type to be offered by Alton Towers, and had itself replaced the previous YourDay system. However, it has not proven to be as popular as on-ride photographs, which are sold at the exits to many of the park's attractions.

In addition to replacing the Resort DVD shop, the Resort Box Office also replaces the previous outlet that was used to sell Annual Passes and Fastrack tickets.

There are 2 comments.

If they invested in something like Flamingo Land where it actually films you and sound for the whole duration of the ride, instead of the ATR dvd where it shows about 15seconds In total actually of yourself!

This is a massive shame, as they spent so much time and money putting in the YourDay system, not to mention the miles of fibre-optic cables and servers to make it all work.

They need to look at how much it actually costs them to make 1 DVD and then price it accordingly.

For example, we do not purchase on-ride photos because £7 a picture is ridiculous.

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