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Knott's Berry Farm announces horror mazes, scare zones for Halloween Haunt 2011

Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt Logo

Knott's Berry Farm will refresh the line-up for its Halloween Haunt events in 2011, adding three new mazes and a new scare zone.

Halloween Haunt is one of the largest theme park Halloween events in the world, and is expected to attract huge crowds to the park. The LA Times reports that, like last year, a total of thirteen mazes will be open to guests in 2011. These will include a number of returning attractions from previous years, alongside the new additions. The events are set to kick off on September 23.

The new mazes will include Invasion Beneath (telling the story of a military battle against creatures emerging from the earth's core), Endgames: Warriors of the Apocalypse (a gladiator-style arena set in a post-apocalyptic world) and Delirium (set to be themed around dangerious insanity).

Halloween Haunt 2011 will feature four scare zones, compared to three for last year's events. The new maze will be Gypsy Camp, themed around werewolves attacking a gypsy encampment. Returning from 2010 will be Necropolis, Carnevil and Ghost Town. The traditional annual version of The Hanging comedy revenue will also be part of the entertainment schedule.

Full details of the mazes and scare zones for Halloween Haunt 2011 at Knott's Berry Farm can be found in the LA Times report.

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