Atlantis Submarine Voyage shark image

LEGOLAND Windsor has released new photos of the marine creatures that will inhabit its £8 million Atlantis Submarine Voyage ride, which opens on May 20, 2011.

Atlantis Submarine Voyage will be the first LEGO-themed underwater ride in the world, and will combine a dark ride with Sea Life exhibits in a unique new concept. Over the course of this week, over 2500 tropical fish, sharks and rays will be arriving at LEGOLAND Windsor to take up residence in the ride's 1 million litre ocean tank.

Guests will be able to view the fish from "submarine" vehicles, which will carry up to 14 riders each. As well as viewing the sea creatures, they will also be to see more than 100 LEGO models, which are designed to recreate the lost city of Atlantis. The submarines are suspended on a track that moves them silently through the water, so as not to stress the residents of the tank.

Black Tip Reef sharks and Cownose rays can be seen in the preview images below:

Atlantis Submarine Voyage preview image 1

Image © LEGOLAND Windsor

Atlantis Submarine Voyage preview image 2

Image © LEGOLAND Windsor

Atlantis Submarine Voyage preview image 3
Image © LEGOLAND Windsor

Atlantis Submarine Voyage preview image 4

Image © LEGOLAND Windsor

Atlantis Submarine Voyage preview image 5

Image © LEGOLAND Windsor

A wide range of species will be housed in Atlantis Submarine Voyage's tank. These include:

  • Nurse sharks - the largest species in the exhibit, often referred to as Leopard Sharks due to their change from stripes to spots. Can grow to an average of three metres long and live for 30 to 40 years.
  • Cownose rays - swim in groups using synchronized wing flaps to stir up sediment and expose their clam and oyster prey.
  • Cleaner Shrimps - set up "cleaning stations" in the mouths of other fish.
  • Chocolate Chip Starfish - feature mouths on the underside of their bodies, pushing out their stomach from the inside in order to eat their food.
  • Parrotfish - known to change shape, colour and even gender during its lifetime.
  • Sargeant Major - extremely aggressive and territorial.
  • Big Eye Soldier Fish - nocturnal fish that swim in the aquarium darkness for much of the time.
  • Yellow Tang - small tropical fish, featuring barbs around their tail that can inject a sting.
  • Sea Cucumbers - communicate by sending hormone signals through the water.
  • Clownfish - made famous by Finding Nemo.

Merlin Entertainments Group operates both the LEGOLAND theme parks and Sea Life centres around the world. It has previously located smaller Sea Life attractions in its theme parks, including the Sharkbait Reef aquarium at Alton Towers. However Atlantis Submarine Voyage represents the company's first attempt to incorporate the Sea Life brand into an actual ride.

For full details of LEGOLAND Windor's new ride for 2011, see Theme Park Tourist's in-depth preview of Atlantis Submarine Voyage.

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