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Tokyo Disney Resort's profits fall 10% due to earthquake's impact

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The operator of the Tokyo Disney Resort has announced a 9.9 percent drop in profits for its latest fiscal year, following the impact of the devastating earthquake that hit Japan in March.

The Oriental Land Company's net profit fell to 22.91 billion yen ($285 million) after it was forced to close both of the resort's theme parks for over a month. The Mainichi Daily News reports that charges related to earthquake amounted to 9.7 billion yen, including the cost of repairing damage at Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea and other facilities.

Total attendance at the two parks fell 1.8 percent to 25.37 million, but spending per customer rose 2.9 percent to 10,022 yen. This meant that year-on-year revenue from the parks actually rose, although revenues from hotels and other businesses declined.

Tokyo Disneyland reopened on April 15, followed by Tokyo DisneySea on April 28. The resort is currently trying to conserve energy by reducing lighting in both indoor and outdoor areas, while air conditioning, escalators and water fountains are also being used in a restricted way. Some electrical equipment, such as hand dryer units, are switched off altogether due to the impact of power shortages in the surrounding Urayasu City area.

Around 20,000 guests spent the night at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on March 11 after the earthquake caused massive disruption to public transport systems. No injuries were reported, with staff providing supplies for those who needed to stay overnight. This included food, water, blankets, heaters and even free merchandise to help entertain and calm frightened children.

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