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Video: Cheetah Hunt rollercoaster undergoes testing at Busch Gardens Tampa

Cheetah Hunt concept art

Busch Gardens Tampa has released a video showing its new rollercoaster, Cheetah Hunt, undergoing testing ahead of its opening day on May 27, 2011.

The video, embedded below, features time-lapse footage of the ride's construction. It also shows Cheetah Hunt's trains completing test runs around its circuit, loaded with water dummies instead of human passengers. With less than a month to go until it opens to the public, work is now well underway to install theming elements alongside the coaster's track.

Busch Gardens Tampa has invested more than $20 million in building Cheetah Hunt and the accompanying Cheetah Run live animal exhibit. The new coaster will be themed around the speed and agility of real-life cheetahs, and will feature three launch sections that will propel riders to speeds of 30, 60 and 40 miles per hour respectively. In total, the ride's circuit will extend for 4,429 feet, and will include a 130-feet drop, banked turns, a heartline inversion and a parabola that will give riders a sensation of weightlessness ("airtime") for 3 seconds.

Alongside the new coaster, the Cheetah Run exhibit will include special viewing areas that will enable guests to view the world's fastest land animals up-close. Guests wishing to learn more about the animals will be able to access information via touchscreen computer terminals.

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