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Report: Son of Beast rollercoaster to remain closed at Kings Island throughout 2011

Son of Beast roller coaster

Kings Island's troubled Son of Beast rollercoaster will remain closed throughout the 2011 season, according to a new report. quotes a spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Agriculture as saying that the park has not applied for a permit to operate Son of Beast this season. The park itself has declined to comment on the story, with the wooden coaster having been out of action for close to two years.

Son of Beast has been closed since June 2009, after a woman claimed it caused a blood vessel in her brain to burst. Ohio state investigators later ruled that the ride design was not at fault for the injury, but the park's General Manager Greg Scheid said in a March 2010 interview with Cincinnati's Business Courier that it will not reopen the coaster until it is "100% sure that [park guests] will enjoy their time on the ride".

This is likely to involve making significant and expensive updates to Son of Beast for the second time since its opening in May 2000. The first update added new, lighter trains and removed the ride's signature vertical loop after a 2006 incident which saw 26 people injured. During the incident, a support beam broke and caused the train to come to a juddering halt in the station.

Full details on the status of Son of Beast can be found in the article on

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