LC12 teaser image

Thorpe Park has launched an official teaser site for its planned new rollercoaster for 2012, which has been codenamed "LC12".

The website (located at www.lc12.net) offers few new details on the ride, which is already known to be a Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Rider model. However, it does provide further confirmation of the ride's post-apocalyptic theme, as well as hinting at an announcement of further information on August 1, 2011.

Under a headline of "The End is Coming", the brief text on the LC12 teaser site reads: "01.08.11. The beginning of the end is upon us. We must uncover the truth. The World is fragile, our foundations are cracking. Recent events are a warning. What will happen I don't know but this marks the beginning of the end. History points to 2012. The end is coming, this is just the start. It will come and they will not stop! Help me uncover, help me warn."

The 2012 coaster is currently being promoted heavily in Thorpe Park itself, with posters bearing the "End is Coming" slogan being dotted liberally around the park. Actors have also been seen at the park wearing sandwich boards adorned with the slogan, with some even being involved in mock scuffles with security guards, according to Thorpe Park Mania's forums.

The LC12 rollercoaster will be constructed north of the existing Stealth coaster, on an island in Thorpe Park's man-made lake. The attraction will be the second B&M Wing Rider coaster to open at a Merlin-owned theme park, following Raptor at Gardaland. Wing Rider coasters see riders seated either side of the track in a "winged" formation.

LC12 layout

LC12's planned layout was revealed in plans submitted to the local council.

The coaster's circuit is set to include a heartline roll just after the 126-feet-tall lift hill, which would see riders starting the first drop in an upside-down position before roaring down into an upright position for the ensuing turns. Following the first drop, the coaster will climb a second, 66-feet-tall hill that culminates in another inversion. The train will then enter a series of banked turns which appear to include at least two more inversions.

Thorpe Park is aiming for a post-apocalyptic theme for its new rollercoaster, and a number of elements designed to support this will be dotted around the ride's course. This is set to include life-size replicas of a crashed aeroplane close to the first drop, a crashed helicopter jutting out of a pond and a burnt-out fire engine. The ride's queue will also feature similar theming, with a fire-damaged tree marking its entrance and "damaged" fences along its route.

You can find out more about Thorpe Park's next major rollercoaster in our in-depth review of the plans for LC12.

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I have been watching the countdown for ages! Does anyone know what it's counting down to? Mystery always surrounds thorpe park somehow.. Cant wait tho... x

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