Raptor rollercoaster concept art

Gardaland has released an official point-of-view video of its new Raptor rollercoaster, which opened at the park on Friday, April 1, 2011.

The video, posted to ParksMania shows off the full circuit of the world's first Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Rider coaster, from the perspective of a front-row rider. Although Raptor's detailed theming does not appear to have completed at the time video was shot, a number of "near-miss" elements are clearly visible.

Riders on Raptor are seated on either side of the track in a "winged" formation, held in place by over-the-shoulder restrained which are designed not to be too restrictive. The coaster's circuit is 2,624 feet in length, rising up to 100 feet above the ground and featuring two inversions.

Fans of Thorpe Park will be eagerly watching the reaction to Raptor. B&M is currently working on a second Wing Rider coaster, which is due to open at the UK park in 2012. Code-named "LC12", the ride is set to feature a post-apocalyptic theme.

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it is a good ride however it wold be betor if it cold be taller,faster and have more invershons wich is why LC12 looks like it cood be betor however it is good for a PROTOTYP only.

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