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Kings Dominion has confirmed that it is updating the Intimidator 305 rollercoaster in time for the 2011 season, as well as adding an all-new fireworks show known as Nights of Fire.

Work to re-profile the first turn on Intimidator 305 began some months ago, with the park aiming to reduce number of "blackouts" experienced by riders. A number of Kings Dominion guests complained of the blackout sensation following Intimidator 305's opening on April 3, 2010, leading to the installation of trim brakes on the coaster's 300-feet, 92mph first drop.

Despite the addition of the brakes, many riders continued to claim that the extreme forces exerted on them during the Intimidator 305's first turn were enough to cause blackouts. Now, Kings Dominion has confirmed via its Facebook page that the turn will be enlarged to "improve the comfort of our riders". It is expected that the trim brakes will be removed as a result, enabling the ride to return to its original top speed of 92 miles per hour.

Kings Dominion has also revealed that the new Nights of Fire fireworks displays will take place during peak periods for the park. This will include the Memorial Day weekend (May 28-29), the summer season from June 18-August 14 and the Labor Day weekend (September 4). The shows will take place at 10pm.

Also due to open at Kings Dominion in 2011 is a version of nighttime walk-through experience Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular. Already in place at a number of other Cedar Fair parks, the show will feature more than a million LED lights which will be strung along Kings Dominion's center walkway, adorning trees and the park's one-third scale replica of the Eiffel Tower. A custom-designed audio soundtrack will accompany the illuminations, which will debut on June 18.

A video of the Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular display at sister park Kings Island is embedded below:

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I went to KD today (4/22/11) and I definitely had a huge scare on that ride.

The drop was perfectly fine. The drop was what I was most scared about but I guess it's the after effect that people should worry about. I was sitting towards the front, I heard that there are certain spots that people black out in? I'm not sure if I blacked out immediately after that drop, but I honestly think that it was so fast on that first turn that my brain couldn't keep up with it haha. I had this confused, "I think I'm dying" feeling. It sounds dramatic, but honestly, that's what I thought. My body was spazzing uncontrollably, I was panicking, my eyes couldn't focus, my brain was so disoriented...it was just horrible. My mom was sitting next to me and she was screaming "Are you ok?! What's wrong?!?!" She was FREAKING out. I know I would have enjoyed the ride if it weren't for that experience. I'm a frequent visitor at Busch Gardens in Virginia and I love roller coasters.
On the bright side,
I'm honestly proud of myself that I at least rode the ride though, my boyfriend and my mom thought it was a great ride. KD is a great thrill park with tons of variety with their roller coasters. I had a great day, without the blackout. :)

This was such an amazing ride. Not gonna lie, was scared to death. I didn't black out but my riding partner felt that fuzzy sensation at the end of the drop. I'm glad I didn't know anything about the trims, removal of trims, blackouts, etc. before riding. I think I would have psyched myself out too much.

All it takes is a few people to whine & what do you know let's change the ride!!!!! The american way!! Little Muhammed doesn't this the pledge is the right think, so, let's isten to him!!!!! THE RIDE IS A GREAT RIDE IF YOU CAN'T TAKE IT, DON'T RIDE IT!!!

maybe stick to the kiddie rides

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