Invertigo coaster

A rumor has emerged online that Cedar Fair will move the Invertigo rollercoaster from California's Great America to Dorney Park, with the ride potentially opening as early as summer 2011.

California's Great America confirmed last week that Invertigo will be removed from the park, with no immediate replacement planned. At the time, it was stated that Cedar Fair would move the Vekoma inverted shuttle rollercoaster to another of its theme parks, but the chain has yet to reveal which. However, both Screamscape and NewsPlusNotes claim that the ride is on its way to Dorney Park in the near future.

While the first rumors were that Invertigo would open at Dorney Park in summer 2012, some sources are now claiming that it could be rushed into action by summer 2011. This could prove a major challenge, with planning permission typically required in order to install tall, noise-generating rollercoasters.

Invertigo rollercoaster

Is Invertigo on its way to Dorney Park?

NewsPlusNotes claims that the likely location for Invertigo is on the former site of Laser, which now operates as Teststrecke on the German travelling fair circuit. The site sits on the edge of a 100 year flood plain, potentially making gaining planning consent more complicated.

Invertigo only reopened in July 2010 at California's Great America following a year-long closure, which came after an incident which left riders standed 70 feet in the air. The incident on August 10, 2009 saw all of the trapped guests rescued safely after firefighters were called to the scene, but the ride was closed for an extended period while safety inspectors worked to identify the cause of the malfunction. The problem was ultimately blamed on an issue with the ride's lift chain, and it was cleared to return to operation.

The coaster sees riders boarding inverted trains, with seats arrayed in a "face-to-face" formation. This leaves half of the passengers facing forwards during the first trip around the "boomerang" course, and the other half facing backwards. During the return leg, the situation is reversed as the train traverses the course in the opposite direction.

Invertigo features a total of six inversions (three in each direction) and a 138-feet first drop.

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