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Busch Gardens Williamsburg has asked fans to comment on potential names for the new rollercoaster it plans to open in 2012, revealing new details of the ride in the process.

The rollercoaster, originally announced in September 2010, is set to feature an "autobahn" (highway) theme to match its home in the Germany area of the park. The theme is designed to fit with the high-speed nature of the ride, which will feature multiple launch sections.

In a marketing e-mail sent to subscribers to its mailing list, Busch Gardens Williamsburg said that that "what starts as a nice ride through the countryside quickly launches into a lightning-fast, multi-sensory dash through crazy turns, hidden hazards and heart-pounding drops. Inspired by the famed autobahn, the ride combines fast launches, special effects and indoor and outdoor elements to make it a one-of-a-kind coaster experience."

In the survey, subscribers are asked to comment on four potential names for the coaster: Revenge of the Black Forest, Verbolten, Über Bahn and Black Forest Turbo. The survey asks what thoughts come to mind when hearing each name - with fierce debating raging already on fansite BGWFans' forums.

With the ride not due to debut until 2012, both the potential names and theme are subject to change. However, the major features of the coaster have already been outlined in a series of permit applications. Sections of the coaster will be housed in a 26,000-square-foot building that will extend 80 feet above the floor of the ravine in which the ride will be situated. Alongside this, a "themed bridge" will rise 95 feet above ground.

The park's confirmation that the coaster will feature multiple launch sections has led to speculation that it will be similar to the Cheetah Hunt Intamin launch coaster that is due to open at sister park Busch Gardens Tampa in 2011. However, the likely inclusion of lengthy indoor sections would make it a very different experience to Cheetah Hunt, which takes place entirely outdoors and aims to simulate a cheetah hunting its prey across a savannah.

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how about "Verrückte Autobahn" (translates to crazy highway)

why not name new coaster wolfs revenge

new coaster potential name i would like to suggest would be werewolf or wolfen

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