Mack Launch Coaster

The backers of the proposed Orlando Thrill Park have revealed details of its planned attraction line-up, with a total of 14 major rides included in the list.

Details of the rides were reported by the LA Times in a detailed story on Wednesday, which also reveals that the Orlando Thrill Park is tentatively scheduled to open in summer 2013. Although the planning process is likely to see the roster of attractions undergo significant change, it is clear from the proposals that the park will be squarely targeted at thrill-seekers who might not be fully catered for by the area's many other theme parks.

The current plans call for the installation of rollercoasters from major manufacturers including Intamin, Vekoma and Mack, alongside a range of flat rides from companies including S&S Power and Mondial. Full details of the proposed rides are given below.


Vekoma Stringray flying coaster

Orlando Thrill Park could be the first park in the US to host a Vekoka Stringray. Image © Vekoma

The array of rollercoasters at the Orlando Thrill Park is intended to include:

  • Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster - a 2,200-feet-long, 109-feet-tall coaster featuring five inversions, this would be similar to Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
  • Vekoma Motorbike Launch Coaster - guests board motorbike-style cars before being launched around a circuit at speeds of up to 50mph.
  • Vekoma Stringray flying coaster - the first of its kind in the US, this is Vekoma's take on the flying coaster concept that sees riders lying parallel to the coaster's track.
  • Vekoma/Chance Morgan Dive Pretzel Coaster - a prototype ride that would see riders climb a 148-feet-tall vertical lift hill before traversing a number of giant loops.
  • Intamin ZacSpin coaster - ZacSpin coasters see riders positioned either side of the track, enabling their seats to rotate independently of the ride's circuit. Six Flags Magic Mountain will open Green Lantern in 2011, the first ZacSpin coaster in the US.
  • S&S Power Fourth-Dimension Coaster - featuring wing-shaped trains, this ride would also enable passengers to rotate independently backwards and forwards.
  • Mack Launch Coaster - yet to be seen outside Mack's own Europa Park in Germany, Mack's version of a launch coaster would reach 160-feet-tall and a top speed of 60 miles per hour.
  • Intamin Inverted Accelerator Coaster - the first of its kind, this would be an inverted version of accelerator coasters such as Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster, standing at some 425-feet-tall.

Other rides

Mondial Splash Over

Mondial's Splash Over is set to soak guests at the Orlando Thrill Park. Image © Mondial

The Orlando Thrill Park is due to include a range of white-knuckle attractions alongside its many rollercoasters. In the early plans are:

  • Mondial Splash Over - featuring two rotating gondolas that move upside down over a set of fountains, which can be programmed to soak riders.
  • S&S Power Drop Tower - a 312-feet freefall drop ride, identical in height to Supreme Scream at Knott's Berry Farm.
  • U.S. ThrillRides SkyQuest - riders are suspended "hang glider-style" in a harness, and are powered along a circuit by a moving cable.
  • Mondial Revolution - a swinging ride that sees guests facing outwards on a rotating disc. Seen at many other parks around the world.
  • Intamin Mega-Splash - a 125-feet-tall flume ride that sees guests plunge down a 78-degree drop.
  • Chance Morgan Unicoaster - a flat ride which simulates a rollercoaster experience, with riders able to control the rotating movement of their cars as they traverse a circular course.

Full details of the attraction line-up for the Orlando Thrill Park can be found in the LA Times' image gallery.

Spokesman Chuck Bell claims that the Orlando Thrill Park will feature no theming, no costumed characters, no dark rides and few shows. Instead, it will aim to host a constantly-updated set of cutting-edge thrill rides, which will be replaced on an ongoing basis.

If the Orlando Thrill Park does move into development, it will face fierce competition in the Orlando theme park market. The area is home to Walt Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando. Busch Gardens Tampa and the under-construction Legoland Florida are also located within driving distance.


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