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The former president of Freestyle Music Park has denied that any of the defunct theme park's attractions will be moved to the planned Orlando Thrill Park in Florida.

In an interview with The Sun News, Steve Baker also denied reports from the Orlando Sentinel and WFTV that claimed his company, Baker Leisure Group, is involved in the Orlando Thrill Park project. Instead, Baker says that he is personally involved but that his company is not.

The link between Baker, Freestyle Music Park and the Orlando Thrill Park had inevitably led to early speculation that some of the Myrtle Beach park's attractions could be moved to Florida. However, these rumors were quickly dispelled when the plans for the new park were put on display.

Baker reacted angrily to the rumors, saying: “None of the rides at Freestyle park are in our plan that we submitted, none of them. Nothing from Freestyle is part of this. They blog, and they talk with absolutely no information at all. They make it up."

The initial plans for the Orlando Thrill Park include 15 large rollercoasters, including a 425-feet-tall "inverted accelerator coaster". Local residents have voiced concerns over the noise that the park would generate, leading the developers to offer to build a 650-feet buffer wall to minimize the impact. The plans are due to be reviewed by Orlando's municipal planning board this week.

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The Time Machine rollercoaster will not be moving to Orlando.Source: Coasterman1234, Wikipedia (License)

Baker was president of Freestyle Music Park during the disastrous 2009 season, which resulted in a series of lawsuits from unpaid creditors and ongoing foreclosure proceedings from the park's mortgage holder. Attractions including the Time Machine rollercoaster are currently lying dormant awaiting the results of the foreclosure process.

If the Orlando Thrill Park does move into development, it will face fierce competition in the Orlando theme park market. The area is home to Walt Disney World, the Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando. Busch Gardens Tampa and the under-construction Legoland Florida are also located within driving distance.



When will they learn that you cannot just create a full sized theme park from nothing and expect it to sustain? Large parks are built on long year histories, they didn't just spring up as Cedar Point, or Busch Gardens as they look now. They started small and grew. It seems that almost any time they just build a huge park out of thin air, it eventually fails or struggles. Its also interesting that a person can have a company over which they preside, then have it fail miserably and create mountains of debt, only to walk away unharmed to start another company of the same type which will more than likely do the same thing... and each time they do it they get a little richer. Its a strage system. Its incredible to me that he's able to secure investors, get loans, etc with the amount of debt left at Freestyle.

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