A promotional video has revealed that Six Flags Magic Mountain plans to open three new rollercoasters in 2011, reclaiming the "coaster capital of the world" crown from rival Cedar Point.

The arrival of the coasters will coincide with the park's 40th anniversary season, and will give it a total roster of eighteen rollercoasters compared to Cedar Point's seventeen. Only one of the three coasters will be entirely new, with one being an update to an existing ride and the other being a relocated attraction from another Six Flags park. Nevertheless, the opening of the rides will require a significant investment from Six Flags in its flagship park.

The video embedded below, uncovered by Screamscape, gives a comprehensive look at two of the three rides that are planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain:

The first of the coasters shown in the video is Superman: Escape from Krypton, formerly known as Superman: The Escape. Six Flags Magic Mountain closed the ride in July 2010, promising that it would reopen in spring 2011. The video confirms that it will undergo a similar transformation to the Tower of Terror II coaster at Australia's Dreamworld, with the cars being switched so that riders face in the opposite direction to the current set-up.

Superman: Escape from Krypton will see guests blasted using an electromagnetic launch system at speeds of 100mph up to a maximum height of 328 feet, before plummeting back down into the station below. Currently, riders face forwards on the Intamin-built coaster, meaning that they have a view of the sky as they are fired towards it. In the updated ride, they will instead start facing backwards before seeing the ground rapidly recede away from them. It will then rush back towards them as they drop back down into the station, experiencing weightlessness both on the launch and on the fall.

The all-new coaster for 2010 will be named The Green Lantern, sharing the moniker with a planned attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure. It will be the first Intamin ZacSpin rollercoaster in the US, and will be an identical clone of the Insane rollercoaster at Sweden's Gröna Lund Tivoli (shown in the video below)

As seen in the video, the seats on the Green Lantern's trains are suspended outside the track and can rotate independently. Half of the guests face forwards and half backwards, with their positions changing during the ride. The amount of rotation and swinging of the vehicles is dependent on the train's load distribution, meaning that the ride experience is never predictable.

As with the planned coaster at Great Adventure, Six Flags Magic Mountain's Green Lantern will be themed around the DC Comics' strip of the same name. The comic tells the tale of a group of intergalactic police officers, and is the subject of a major motion picture set for release on June 17, 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The park is likely to carry out significant cross-promotional activity around the movie when the coaster opens next spring.

The final rollercoaster to be added to Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2011 will be a Vekoma Junior Coaster, which was originally due to open at the park in 2010. The ride has been relocated from the closed Six Flags New Orleans park, and will reach a top speed of 21mph during a 679-feet-long circuit. It was originally due to be themed as Mr Six's DanceCoaster in a tribute to the elderly character featured in Six Flags' advertising campaigns, but is now due to receive an as-yet-unrevealed new theme.

Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain have tussled over the title of "most rollercoasters in a park" for many years. The Cedar Fair park plans to add a new attraction in 2011, but it will be a Mondial WindSeeker flat ride rather than a rollercoaster.

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