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Cleethorpes' Pleasure Island to reopen on Saturday, May 1

The Pleasure Island theme park in Cleethorpes, England, will reopen on Saturday, May 1 - just over two weeks after its shock closure.

The reopening date was confirmed by local newspaper The Grimbsy Telegraph this morning. The park's management now faces the challenge of persuading members of staff to return to the park in time for the weekend, having terminated their jobs with no warning on April 14 when the park closed.

Pleasure Island has now been taken over by DewarSavile Enterprises Limited, a company headed up by Melanie Wood, the park's managing director prior to its sudden closure. The deal means that the park is no longer a sister park of Flamingo Land, having broken away from the North Yorkshire park owned by Wood's brother, Gordon Gibb.

Wood told the BBC on Monday that staff had been contacted over the last few days and that most should return for the park's reopening. She said: ""I would say 99% are in a position to come back to work on Saturday, which is when we reopen, and we obviously look very much forward to them coming back."

Season ticket holders have been assured that their passes will remain valid for the rest of the year, although the park is yet to offer any compensation for the period the park has been closed. It has also yet to confirm whether Flamingo Land season tickets will still be valid at Pleasure Island, as was previously the case.

The park is also offering a discount to readers of The Grimbsy Telegraph, with tokens being printed in the newspaper every day this week and on Monday, May 3. These will entitle guests to enter the park at a discounted rate of £10, and will be valid from Saturday May 1 though Monday, May 3.

News of the Pleasure Island's closure stunned local residents and business owners, with the park having invested in a number of new attractions for the 2010 season at a reported cost of £600,000.

The news led Alton Towers to offer affected season ticket holders at Pleasure Island a £50 discount on Alton Towers Annual Passes. This offer is expected to be dropped now that the Cleethorpes park has reopened.

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