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Line-up revealed for Epcot's 2010 Sounds Like Summer concerts

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Walt Disney World has revealed the schedule of live musical performances that will make up 2010's Sounds Like Summer concert series at Epcot.

Sounds Like Summer is annual event that features tribute bands playing classic hits from years gone by. This year will see hits from The Bee Gees, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi and U2 performed at the America Gardens Theatre, adjacent to the American Adventure Pavilion.

The concerts are scheduled to take place at 5:45pm, 7pm and 8:15pm daily between June 12 and July 31. The exception is July 4, when shows will take place at 5:15pm, 6:30pm, 7:45pm and 9pm.

The 2010 Sounds Like Summer line-up is:

  • June 12- June 19: Stayin' Alive - A Tribute to The Bee Gees
  • June 20 - June 26: Hotel California - A Salute to the Eagles
  • June 27 - July 3: Karin Lawson - A Tribute to Janet Jackson
  • July 4 - July 10: Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones Tribute Band
  • July 11 - July 17: Slippery When Wet - The Ultimate Bon Jovi Tribute
  • July 18 - July 24: 2U - A Tribute to U2
  • July 25 - July 31: Beginnings - Chicago Tribute Band

Full details of the Sounds Like Summer concert series can be found on the Walt Disney World website.

There are 5 comments.

Transit Authority The Premier Tribute To Chicago was invited to perform at Epcot this summer but had to decline because of some ongoing health problems with a couple of it's members. Transit Authority will be back for the 2011 summer series.

Wow! What a remarkably petty thing to do. I hope your band members are alright, if that is in fact why you're not in Disney this summer. I for one will be making the trip to Epcot, specifically that week, in order to catch Beginnings, a truly remarkable band. Their interpretation of Chicago's music is really only second to the original. I've seen them a few times, and have been blown away by every performance. I'm sure the crowds in Epcot will feel the same way.

I have to agree 100% with Marcus. I have seen BEGINNINGS several times and each performance absolutely kills me. They don't just play the music, they bring it to you!.The entertainment factor is what separates them from any other band trying to do Chicago! I truly believe that Epcot will have only one Chicago show next summer and that will be BEGINNINGS!

My sisters and I purposely planned our annual Disney family reunion during the last week in July specifically to be there when Beginnings would be playing. My wife and I were enjoying their show at Bally’s in Atlantic City a couple of years ago when who walked in for the last set but Bill Champlin, Keith Howland, & the guys from Chicago! From the way they were all hanging out after the show you could tell they were impressed! Any tribute that has Chicago’s own “seal of approval” is worth seeing to me!

Thanks for the comments guys, but this is starting to look like an orchestrated promotion campaign for Beginnings. Any further comments along these lines will be deleted.

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