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Thorpe Park is looking to add a "signature stench" to its upcoming Saw Alive Horror Maze attraction - by running a competition to find the UK's smelliest urine.

In the latest of a series of publicity stunts by owner Merlin Entertainments Group, the park is offering a £500 cash prize to the winner of the competition. It is open to all members of the public, who can submit "samples" through special deposit booths at the park between 11am and 2pm on Friday, February 26.

The winning smell will be chosen by the park's entertainment manager, Laura Sinclair, and will be used alongside other smells to add authenticity to the horror maze. It is likely to be used alongside electric shock effects that recently hit the headlines after the Thorpe Park offered students £50 each to test them.

Sinclair claims that the park wants to make Saw Alive as "authentic and terrifying as possible, to make visitors feel as if they are living in a real life horror film. To do this, we need to really push the boundaries of what our guests experience from a sensory point of view with the use of smells, special lighting and effects such as electrocution and vibrating floors that will create a full-on attack of the senses."

Explaining the decision to run the competition, she said: "We’ve begun creating some of the stenches of Saw Alive but need the help of the public to create the most realistic and unsavoury urine odour. We are looking for a sample that will really get the public gagging."

Saw Alive is based on the popular horror movies, and will be located close to Saw: The Ride, the themed Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter coaster which has proven hugely popular since its spring 2009 opening. It will recreate six scenes from the Saw films, with guests being "tested" in each one by Jigsaw, the evil genius who torments victims to test their will to live.

Merlin's public relations department has succeeded in encouraging a huge amount of media coverage over the last few months, with a series of tabloid-friendly stunts. These have included:

  • Thorpe Park claiming that an exorcist had to be called in after staff held a "seance" under Saw: The Ride.
  • Alton Towers suggesting that its upcoming Thirteen rollercoaster will be so scary that the park will have to limit guests to one ride per day and only allow those aged 16-55 to ride.
  • Chessington World of Adventures trialling a range of new snacks based on dried insects.
  • Accusing a squirrel of "terrorising" workers on the revamped Sonic Spinball rollercoaster at Alton Towers.

Theme Park Tourist will be testing out the new smell when we visit the park in March to review the Saw Alive Horror Maze.

You can keep up to date with the latest confirmed and rumored opening dates for new attractions over at Theme Park Tourist's "New Attraction Watch" section.



I can't wait to go, however, the idea of the smelliest urine is less than appealing!

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