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"Rollercoaster Wiki" aims to document fan favorites around the world

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A new collaborative website dedicated to rollercoasters around the world has been launched, seeking to provide an definitive resource for enthusiasts.

The Rollercoaster Wiki has been launched by popular blogger Joel Bullock, also known as The Coaster Critic. It is an addition to Theme Park Syndicate, an existing news aggregation website.

As well as including descriptions of a range of rollercoasters in the U.S. and abroad, the wiki also pulls in photographs of the rides from Theme Park Review and Coaster Image, stats from the Rollercoaster Database plus reviews and ratings from a range of other sites. It also has a heavy focus on multimedia, featuring videos of many of the coasters. As with all wikis, users can edit the entries to add additional content and correct mistakes.

Announcing the new wiki, The Coaster Critic claims that the Rollercoaster Wiki will contain "everything you want to know about a roller coaster that you were Googling several times for before."

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I always like finding videos of rides before I go to a theme park so must be worth a look!

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