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Fireworks set to return at Alton Towers for 2010?

Alton Towers Scarefest entrance

Visitors to Alton Towers' half-term event have reported that the park is promoting the return of its popular fireworks event for 2010.

Posters to the Towers Times forums claim that the recorded audio on the park's monorail is trumpeting "the return of our spectacular fireworks". No fireworks events have taken place at Alton Towers since 2006's Electric Towers, with the annual Halloween Scarefest taking place instead from 2007 onwards.

Few details are available of the fireworks event, including whether or not it will be an addition to the Scarefest event (which has proven very popular and seems certain to continue). The park is celebrating its 30th anniversary season this year, so it it possible that the fireworks will take place on a one-off occasion rather than marking the return of an annual event.

Previous fireworks events have been problematic for Alton Towers, which faces consistent complaints over noise from local residents. The park's idyllic location has also forced it to keep its major rollercoasters below tree level and take measures to limit noise from its attractions propagating beyond the park's walls.

2010 is shaping up to be a major year for Alton Towers. In addition to opening £15 million rollercoaster Thirteen and retheming nearby Rita, the park has also converted Spinball Whizzer to a new Sonic the Hedgehog theme and plans to install the famous loops from its iconic Corkscrew rollercoaster as a permanent monument at the park's entrance.

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Fireworks are returning and Jubilee will be setting them off. it is 3 shows

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