Rumors suggest that the Demon Drop freefall ride that recently closed at Cedar Point may not be moving to Knott's Berry Farm as originally planned.

According to Screamscape, Cedar Fair - the company that owns both parks - is considering moving Demon Drop to another of its parks instead. If true, the change of heart may be down to the severe criticism the firm has faced over its decision to move the ride to Knott's Berry Farm, which already is already home to the much more modern Supreme Scream compressed-air tower ride.

At the time of Cedar Point's announcement of Demon Drop's removal, spokesman Robin Innes claimed that the park had been unable to sell the attraction and that moving it was a better solution. Both the LA Times and Theme Park Insider mocked the choice of Knott's Berry Farm as its new home, pointing out that competing parks in California are carrying out multi-million dollar upgrades.

A first-generation Intamin Freefall attraction, Demon Drop was opened at Cedar Point in 1983. It sees riders carried up an elevator shaft four at a time, before being dropped downwards on a track. Prior to its closure, it was the only remaining first-generation Freefall ride in the United States.

Cedar Fair is yet to confirm the change of plans, or to reveal which (if any) of the chain's other parks Demon Drop will be installed at.

You can keep up to date with the latest confirmed and rumored opening dates for new attractions over at Theme Park Tourist's "New Attraction Watch" section.


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