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Cliffhanger back open at Ghost Town in the Sky

Ghost Town in the Sky has confirmed that the park's Cliffhanger rollercoaster has now returned to operation.

The ride was closed in early July when state inspectors found a hairline crack on one of the its new trains. This occured just days after Cliffhanger's re-opening following 7 years out of action due to the park's financial problems and 2002 closure.

Cliffhanger is actually some 21 years old, having opened for the first time in 1998 as the Red Devil. After the park's bankruptcy in 2002 and subsequent re-opening in 2007, it lay dormant while it was upgraded to meet new safety codes. The new name reflects the coaster's location - literally on the side of a cliff in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

The steel looping rollercoaster has been outfitted with a completely updated, custom-built set of trains, along with a new magnetic brake system. The new trains do not feature shoulder restraints, instead using padded lap bars.

Featuring a top speed of 56mph, the ride has the unique feature of having a station located above its loop. This means riders enter the inversion within 7 seconds of the start of the ride.

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