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Alton Towers begins work on fire-hit Skyride station

Alton Towers has removed the remains of the Skyride station that was destroyed by a fire earlier this year.

The park is aiming to build a replacement for the station, located in its Cloud Cuckoo Land area, in time for the 2010 season. The original was left a burnt-out shell after the fire on July 22, which was caused by an electrical fault. No-one was hurt in the incident.

The Skyride is an important attraction for the park, since it allows guests to move around the sprawling grounds at a much faster pace than they can on foot. The gondolas of the ride carry guests over the Towers' famous gardens, saving significant walking time.

It is the second time the Skyride has been closed following a fire in under two years. The previous incident occured when the Main Drive station's roof was damaged in October 2007, causing less inconvenience as it occurred towards the end of the season.

Images of the Skyride station can be found over at Towers Times.

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I am going with my husband in October for the Halloween celebrations and it will be ok for us as we are fine to walk but my mother in law sometimes has difficulty wlaking so has been put off coming until the skyride is fixed!!!
We will all go together again next season!!!

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