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Technical issues plague Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit

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Universal Studios Orlando is continuing to suffer major technical problems with its Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit rollercoaster, more than a week after its official opening.

The new coaster has closed temporarily on numerous occasions over the last week due to technical faults. With wait times for the coaster typically approaching 90-150 minutes, joining the queue for the Rockit is a risky business. The new coaster is currently opening at around 11am on most mornings, meaning that even arriving when the park opens is not a viable strategy for avoiding a length wait.

Technical problems are to be expected following the opening of a new ride, particularly one with as many new features as the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit. However, rides usually pass through a lengthy "soft opening" period during which problems are ironed out. Universal has faced criticism that it jumped too soon from the soft opening period to the official opening last Tuesday - waiting just 3 days.

Problems have been reported with the ride's on-board audio system, which allows riders to select from a range of background music tracks. In addition, TPT witnessed what appeared to be an issue with the ride's vertical lift hill, which left riders trapped on the train at the foot of the hill for some time.

Although such problems could be foreseen, many guests TPT spoke with were angry at Universal's heavy promotion of the ride as being "now open", which fails to mention that it does not open with the park at 9am. Sunday was a particularly bad day for the park, with The Mummy Returns also closed for several hours leaving the park's two biggest thrill rides out of action and a queue of disappointed guests at the "Guest Services" counter at closing time.

Coaster junkies will doubtless want to experience the new ride as soon as possible regardless of the wait, although others may prefer to wait until Universal is able to get the Rockit onto a more normal operations schedule.

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