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Transformers ride coming to Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios logo. Image © 2009 Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is to open a new dark ride based on the hit Transformers movies in 2011.

The Transformers attraction will mix 3D, high-definition video footage with robotics and a moving vehicle, which suggests it will reuse technology from the Spiderman attraction at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Riders will be placed in the middle of the movies' war between the human-friendly Autobots and their Decepticon enemies. As in the films (and the earlier toys and cartoons), the robots will "transform" into cars, planes, tanks and other vehicles.

The ride will replace the Backdraft and Special Effects Soundstages attractions in the park's Lower Lot, and construction will begin in fall 2009. However, guests at the new Universal Studios Singapore park will be able to enjoy the attraction earlier, with it scheduled to arrive there in time for the park's opening in 2010.

Variety speculates that the ride could cost even more than The Simpsons Ride, which opened in 2008 at a cost of $40 million. It sees Universal continuing to compete heavily with Disney, which is spending $1.1 billion upgrading its nearby California Adventure park.

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This ride sounds excellent!!!I saw the new film last night and it was great!!!
Thanks TPT!!!!

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